Lash Extensions
Standard Lashes – Xtreme Lashes®, created by the industry leader and crafted from synthetic polyester

Faux Mink Lashes – Are lighter and more flexible than synthetic lashes

The Glam Looks
This is the thickest, fullest look that I have to offer. Think: “Glam!”
100 lashes applied
$350 (for faux mink lashes, add $50)

The Flirty Looks
Full-out glam not your style? Try The Flirty Looks for a natural, but noticeable look.
60 lashes applied
$250 (for faux mink lashes, add $50)

The Simply Looks
Want to look and feel especially pretty this weekend? Choose The SImply Looks!
30 lashes applied

These rates apply for follow-ups scheduled within two weeks of your previous lash application. If more than three weeks have elapsed, please scroll down to Re-Lashing for more information.
1½ hours: $145 (for faux minks, add $10)
1 hour: $100 (for faux minks, add $20)
½ hour: $65 (for faux minks, add $10)

A PACKAGE DEAL… because you simply can’t do without your Lash Looks!
3 follow-up sessions = $240 (for faux minks, add $45)

For a follow-up after three weeks of your previous lash application, you will be charged 1½ sessions.
A follow-up after one month of your previous lash application is considered a full re-lashing. You will be charged 3 sessions at the Package Deal rate of $240 (for faux minks, add $45).

“Transferring” / Out of Town Clients
For clients who have had lashes applied elsewhere (since the work may not be compatible with mine and may require removal), and for clients visiting from out of town (since booking a follow-up within two to three weeks of your previous lash application may be a challenge), the price for follow-up service will be determined after consultation.

A beautiful set of lashes requires some preparation and diligent maintenance…

Before your lash extension appointment:
- Please note that you may not wet nor expose your eye area to steam for 48 hours after application -- doing so would lead to unfavorable results. Please plan your bath, shower, workout, etc., accordingly.

- Using a non-oily product (oil will cause the eyelash extension adhesive to break down), please remove all traces of makeup from the top of your cheeks to your forehead.

- If you wear contact lenses, they will need to be removed. Please bring your lens case if necessary.

After your lash extension appointment:
- Avoid wetting lashes for at least 48 hours.
- Avoid exposure to heat, steam, sauna and friction to your lashes.
- Avoid the use of oil-based products around the eye area.
- Avoid the use of waterproof cosmetics on or near the lashes (as they require an oil-based product for proper removal).
- Avoid excessive use of mascara.
- Avoid the use of mechanical eyelash curlers.